Nature belies its complexity with stunning simplicity; in much the same way, we provide elegant corporate writing and communication solutions.


Putting words to work, much like Zen simplicity, is often harder than it seems.


Flowers communicate with colour, scent and nectar. Writers move 26 letters around to capture the essence of the flower, or communicate in plain English.


Words, expertly written, make an impact. Others, are as ephemeral as foot prints in the sand.


Patience, asking the right questions, and listening are essential to the craft of writing effectively.

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Impress and persuade with professionally written profiles, illustrative case studies and educational white papers.

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Find the best media for your market, the right writing style and voice for your business, or outsource larger projects for peace of mind.

If you've ever written a blog, essay or report you'll know writing the FirstLine is the hardest.

My mission is to remove the pain of communication and provide you with the right words or tools for the job.

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Mar 29 2013

Trading successfully in a low-growth economy

Sharon Davis takes a look at New Zealand's short-term economic outlook and asks business experts for their tips for trading in a low-growth economy.

changeNew Zealand's economy contracted in 2008 and 2009 on the back of the global financial crisis, entering a period where GDP output fell, as opposed increasing year-on-year. In 2010 we hauled ourselves out of the recession, but GDP growth was a moribund 1.8% and 1.4% to 2011 and only slightly healthier, at 2.4%, in 2012.

The good news is that we appear to be firmly back in the territory of positive growth, but the recovery from the ripple effects of the global financial meltdown is likely to be slow and protracted with expectations of growth at 2.5% for 2013, and forecasts of around 2.7% and up to 3.1% for 2014.

"The global economy is still fragile, especially our traditional markets in the UK, Europe and Japan. Australia is also coming off the boil. But there are encouraging signs of rebounding activity in the US, and Asia is robust," says Shamubeel Eaqub, principal economist for the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research.  

Feb 26 2013

Get to the point

get-to-the-pointTo write, and communicate, effectively you need to get to the point. Up front. Fast. In the first paragraph. Otherwise your readers will be off elsewhere (before they've uncovered those genuine pearls of wisdom lower down) or quietly asking themselves why you're rambling on, apparently aimlessly, about some mundane personal experience... and whether it's worth reading more.

Provide the context upfront. Tell people why they should read further. Answer the: "What's in it for me" question - the question everyone asks subconsciously when they start to read.

Jan 23 2013

FirstLine's services

Communicating a well-crafted message in a style and voice tailored to your audience has clear advantages. Whether it's advertising, web copy, an annual report or a magazine feature that you need... targeted tight copy, where every word is used with care and makes a positive impression does make a difference. That is why we specialise in putting words to work.

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We offer a comprehensive range of writing, editing and writing project management services, including:


To take the slog out of blogging we offer the following competitive blogging packages:


Simple weekly

Simple 10

Simple 15

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1 blog per week

10 blogs a month

15 blogs a month

Daily blog post

Blogs average 500 words each (varying between 400 - 600 words). Each blog will be researched, unique and tailored to appeal to your target audience. You are given full ownership (copyright) of the blog posts and we provide a meta description and meta tags for each post.

If you'd like us to upload the posts to your blog, add images, and generally take care of the management of your blog - then consider our complete blogging packag


Complete weekly

Complete 10

Complete 15

Complete monthly





1 blog per week

10 blogs a month

15 blogs a month

Daily blog post

With the complete package you get all the benefits of the simple package, plus we will upload your posts, add images, promote your posts over social media and manage any comments.

If you'd like longer, how-to blogs or different service levels or different blogging frequencies, contact us today to a tailor-made blogging quote to suit your needs.

*Prices exclude GST. Blogging packages are payable monthly, in advance.

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