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Sit beside me in moments of shared solitude
And revel in the beauty and wonder of nature, sharing the mysteries of life
Hold me close, forever in your heart, as we follow our separate paths
Join me in laughter and joy, and comfort me in silence to ease the pain
Dance with me, cry with me – sharing each precious moment

While our paths merge, run through the tangled forest of my dreams with me, holding my hand
Delight in fields of pink and white wild cosmos, even when I am not there
Watch me soar in joy and freedom, and catch me when I fall
Feel the tight fear of loss when you see a perfect purple flower, knowing its beauty must fade
And reach out for me when you need me – I’ll be there

Guide me past the mundane things in life and help me to explore the uncharted self
Inspire me to conquer the whims of my mind and become greater than I was before
Urge me on, without judgement, past what I thought I could endure
Join me on great journeys of discovery; there, supportive, but not interfering
And hold me as I look in the mirror and see who I really am

Love me beyond the limits of beauty and our life’s choices; and into forever
Care deeply for my soul’s well-being now and into the future
Nurture me tenderly so that I may reach my true personal potential
Don’t hold back; and when the time comes to part, don’t hold on
Love me, unconditionally, and set me free – for that is how I love you

- Shaz

Unfortunately I did not date my poems when they were written.

This is also goes quite a while back, I'm guessing it was written in my early 30s.

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