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Scams and phishing emails are a fact of modern life. Sometimes I just scan my trash folder and hit delete, but every once in a while I get so annoyed…  annoyed because the scammers think I am utterly stupid or because they are targeting people who do fall for it (otherwise why bother with this cyberspace litter, right?) that I decide to take action.

If you’re tired of annoying mail, and concerned that an elderly friend or relative might fall for this sort of thing, then use this list so we can collectively act to stop the scamming to some degree – or at least make it more difficult and reduce the presumed returns…

So, for those of getting spoof or scam mails from people purporting to be from the following places – here’s where you can report them…

  • Apple - reportphishing at
  • Amazon - Stop-spoofing at
  • ASB - phishing at
  • BNZ - BNZAbuse at
  • Co-op Bank - riskandcompliance at
  • Kiwibank - at
  • HSBC - phishing at
  • IRD - phishing at
  • PayPal - spoof at
  • Westpac - phishing at

    Got an address to add to the list? Please mention it in the comments section or email me as I’d like to make this as comprehensive and useful as possible.

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